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IHS Economics Program Officer, Mario Villarreal-Diaz talks about the Mont Pelerin Society, its history and background, then recounts some of his experience at this year's general meeting in Prague

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Have you heard of Moorfield Storey, Edward Atkinson, or Simon Bolivar Buckner? If you haven’t, you’re not alone! Dr. Stephen Davies introduces the best kept secrets of the libertarian tradition. For those of you who were at yesterday's Living Liberty Series lecture, this is the full length recording of Dr. Davies' lecture. 

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We continue our interview with Professor Peter Boettke of George Mason University. In this half of the interview, Professor Boettke talks about Keynes, the history of Keynesian policy, and the necessity for economists to be effective communicators of their research in a continued discussion of his new book, Living Economics

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Phil Magness interviews new IHS program officer in economics, Mario Villarreal-Diaz. Mario joins us after serving regularly as seminar faculty. He shares what he will be doing as a program officer and mentor and also shares about his personal journey, what brought him to IHS, and his development as a classical liberal.

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Jeanne Hoffman interviews Professor Peter Boettke of George Mason University on his new book Living Economics:Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.Professor Boettke talks about some of the thought behind this book, his thoughts on the field of economics, teaching economics, and how he hopes that it will develop into the future.

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Jeanne Hoffman interviews Professor Kevin Grier, Professor of Economics at University of Oklahoma about how he prepares and assesses his PhD students for the academic job market.

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Jeanne Hoffman talks with Professor Ilya Somin aboutThe Hunger Games, and the themes of liberty and politics that he finds in the popular series of novels.

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Phil Magness interviews Professor Steven Medema of the University of Colorado Denver about the Chicago School of economics and its history. Note: The audio quality of this podcast is not as good as usual, our apologies for this.

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In this week's Kosmos podcast, Jeanne Hoffman talks with Dr. Aeon Skoble who offers his advice on what a young scholar needs to be thinking about and doing to set themselves up for success in academia.

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Jeanne Hoffman talks with IHS Program Officers Dr. James Harrigan and Dr. Phil Magness on the difficulty and best approaches for dealing with unprepared students.

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