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Jeanne Hoffman talks to Phil Magness about the submission process and guidelines for History journals.

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Academic conferences can be expensive, especially for grad students on limited budgets. In this Kosmos Online podcast Phil Magness shares tips on attending conferences cheaply as a graduate student and how to best utilize your grant money and make the most of a conference trip. Also, don't forget when you're looking to attend conferences to apply to the Hayek Fund for Scholars, available to help qualifying scholars advance their work.

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In this Kosmos Online podcast, Dr. Phil Magness talks with Peter Jaworski, a visiting instructor at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University, about some of the teaching techniques that he uses in his courses.

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In this Kosmos Online podcast, Jeanne Hoffman talks with Professor Jeremy Horpedahl of Buena Vista University. Professor Horpedahl offers some perspectives and advice on how you should approach alcohol in social situations as a graduate student with professors and colleagues.

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Jeanne Hoffman talks with IHS Program Officer, Dr. Bill Glod about the journal submission process for Philosophy. This is the first in a series of episodes we will be doing on submitting papers to journals by discipline.

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In this Kosmos podcast, Jeanne Hoffman interviews Professor Nick Buccola about his upcoming book, "The Political Thought of Frederick Dogulass: In Pursuit of American Liberty." Professor Buccola has written an excellent account of the political philosophy of Frederick Douglass, arguing that Douglass was fundamentally shaped by classical liberal ideas of natural human rights.

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In this Kosmos podcast, Professor Benjamin Barton of the University of Tennessee College of Law expands on his article Harry Potter and the Half-Crazed Bureaucracy to discuss themes of liberty in the Harry Potter series. Professor Barton sees lots of relevant ideas to public choice theory in the Harry Potter series, and believes the popularity of the series could be beneficial for liberty.

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In this Kosmos Online podcast, Dr. Jason King of Saint Vincent College talks about a course he teaches, titled "God, Work and Money".

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In this Kosmos podcast, I speak with Professor Jeremy Horpedahl about prescription drug prices. He elaborates on his research regarding the historical prices of prescription drugs, the effect patents have on prices, and provides some forecasting on what this means for the future of health care costs.

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In this Kosmos Podcast, Dr. Ben Powell, associate professor of economics at Suffolk University and Senior Economist at the Beacon Hill Institute, shares some lessons learned from his first semester teaching a course on Libertarianism. You can find the syllabus ot the course in our Syllabus Bank.

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