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Jeanne Hoffman interviews the new director of educational programs at the Institute for Humane Studies, Dr. Jennifer Thompson. Dr. Thompson discusses her new role and her path to IHS

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In this Kosmos Podcast, Dr. James Stacey Taylor, author of Stakes and Kidneys: Why Markets in Human Body Parts Are Morally Imperative, dives into the philosophical and moral details of the recent court decision legalizing compensation for bone marrow donations. Dr. Taylor (shockingly) thinks this is a good result for everyone involved, and provides an outlook for markets in organs in the near future.

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In this Kosmos podcast, Dr. Phil Magness brings along his friend Dr. Paul Weissberg to talk about teaching a course with another professor. Dr. Magness and Dr. Weissberg shared duties in teaching administrative policy at American University in 2008. Currently, Dr. Weissberg is an assistant professor of political science at Augustana College in Illinois. Dr. Magness and Dr. Weissberg explain whether team teaching has more pros than cons, what the specific advantages are, and how to decide who does the grading.

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In this Kosmos Online podcast, I'm joined by Dr. David Skarbek, a Searle visiting assistant professor in political science at Duke University. Dr. Skarbek has done extensive research in prison gangs, and joins us to talk about how prison gangs provide "governance in the absence of government", how prison gangs incorporate written constitutions, and what his research means for the ideas of liberty.

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In this Kosmos Online podcast, I have the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Steve Horwitz and Dr. Art Carden about writing for the media as academics. Dr. Carden is a professor of economics at Rhodes College and a contributor at Forbes, and Dr. Horwitz is the Charles A. Dana Professor and Chair of Economics at St. Lawrence University and contributor at The Freeman. Dr. Carden and Horwitz discuss writing op-eds, how to get involved with the media, how it mixes with their research, what kind of a time commitment writing can be, and how writing for the media has made them better academic writers.

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In this Kosmos podcast, our guest host, Dr. James Harrigan, speaks with Dr. Geoffrey Sayre-McCord, co-director of the joint UNC-Duke Philosophy, Politics and Economics program. Dr. Sayre-McCord shares how the program got started, what some of the challenges were, shares some successes, and gives general advice on starting a joint program at your university.

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In this Kosmos podcast, Dan D'Amico, Phil Magness and Adam Martin recap the Southern Economic Association's annual meeting in Washington, D.C. The three scholars discuss the most interesting panels, The Menger Essay Contest winners, the increased attendance at the IHS reception and the Society for the Development of Austrian Economics' dinner, and some general conference advice.

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In this Kosmos podcast, Dr. Kevin Grier of the University of Oklahoma shares his classroom assignment where he had students role play the Argentinian debt crisis. Dr. Grier explains how he structured the assignment, why he incorporates creative assignments in some of his economics courses, and provides a few book suggestions for becoming a better teacher.

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In this Kosmos Online Podcast, I'm discussing themes of liberty in the popular fiction and TV series, Game of Thrones. Our guest is Game of Thrones expert Amber Taylor, who has written about the series for The Atlantic and blogs at Prettier Than Napoleon.

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In this Kosmos Online podcast, I'm once again speaking with economics professor Dr. Dan D'Amico of Loyola University in New Orleans. Dr. D'Amico builds off his previous podcast about creating a libertarian community as a graduate student to give some advice on what to do once you become faculty to faciliate liberty-friendly conversations.

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