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In this Kosmos Online podcast, Dr. Dan D'Amico and Dr. Steve Horwitz give the complete story on making media appearances as an academic. They discuss how they got involved in appearing in the media, how they prepare for their appearances, why they value these appearances, and how a tenure committee might view their efforts as public intellectuals.

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What's the third thing you should do when you get a research idea? Dr. Bill Glod and Dr. Phil Magness have (very!) short answers. (If you missed the first and second thing you should do when you get a research idea, you can find the first here and the second here).

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In this Kosmos Online podcast, I interview Dr. Dan D'Amico of Loyola University in New Orleans about cultivating a libertarian community in your graduate program. He discusses how reading groups can benefit the students both inside and outside the classroom, and echos some of the same sentiments about doing good research as Chris Coyne from his lecture during the Humane Studies Fellowship Research Colloquium.

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In this Kosmos podcast, I interview John Blundell, author of Ladies for Liberty: Women Who Made A Difference in American History. Mr. Blundell is a visiting fellow at The Heritage Foundation, and Distinguished Senior Fellow at London’s Institute of Economic Affairs and is also an IHS board member. He explains how a British economist comes to write a book about American women, profiles some of his favorite stories, and details the lessons we can learn from these extraordinary American women.

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In this Kosmos podcast, Jeanne Hoffman talks with Aeon Skoble about themes of liberty in the popular TV show the Twilight Zone. Dr. Skoble is professor of philosophy at Bridgewater State University.


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In this Kosmos podcast, Jeanne Hoffman talks with Dr. William Rorabaugh about alcohol and American history. Dr Rorabaugh is professor of history at the University of Washington, and author of The Alcoholic Republic: An American Tradition.


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What's the second thing you should do when you get a research idea? Dr. Bill Glod and Dr. Phil Magness have (very!) short answers.

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In this Kosmos podcast, I am once again joined by IHS Program Officers Dr. Bill Glod and Dr. Phil Magness, who share tips and best practices about obtaining much-needed funding as a graduate student. They also discuss how the Hayek Fund and Humane Studies Fellowship can help graduate students.

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In this Kosmos podcast, I interview Dr. Brian Domitrovic about his new book, Econoclasts: The Rebels Who Sparked the Supply Side Revoltuon and Restored American Prosperity. Dr. Domitrovic is an associate professor and chair of the department of history at Sam Houston State University. He discusses the ebbs and flows of Keynesian interventionism, and who sparked the revival in free-market thought. You might be shocked to find out how high the marginal tax rate was at one point in American history!

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In this Kosmos Podcast, I'm joined by Dr. Matt Zwolinski who shares his current research. Dr. Zwolinski is working on a book titled Exploitation, Capitalism and the State and whether inefficiencies in the market require state intervention.

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