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Today’s interview is part of our Classroom in a Box feature on Kosmos. This resource highlights liberty-advancing courses being taught around the country and publishes everything you need to replicate the course at your school in one place.


Jeanne Hoffman talks with Ryan Hanley about his course, ‘Political Philosophy of Capitalism.”  Dr. Hanley is Associate Professor of Political Science at Marquette University and is current President of the International Adam Smith Society.

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Jeanne Hoffman talks with Dr. Steve Davies, Program Officer at the Institute for Humane Studies and Education Director at the Institute for Economic Affairs in London, about giving TV and radio interviews as an academic.

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Jeanne Hoffman talks with Dr. Colin Dueck, Associate Professor in George Mason University’s Department of Public and International Affairs and member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies

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Jeanne Hoffman talks with Todd Zywicki, professor of law at George Mason University School of Law, and senior scholar at the Mercatus Center, about his research and other works, including two new books on consumer credit.

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I’m pleased to announce a new feature on Kosmos: Classroom in a Box! This resource will highlight liberty-advancing courses being taught around the country and give you access to everything needed to replicate a similar course – syllabi, readings, instructor interviews and more.


Our very first Classroom in a Box course is “Freedom and Markets: The Clash of Economic Ideas,” taught by Dr. Bruce Caldwell</A> at Duke University.   Dr. Caldwell is Research Professor of Economics at Duke University and the director of the Center for the History of Political Economy.

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Jeanne Hoffman talks with Tom Bell, professor of law at Chapman University School of Law. Professor Bell specializes in high tech legal issues, and has written a variety of papers on intellectual property and Internet law, and has taught at several IHS Summer Seminars.

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Chris Martin interviews Dr. Steven Horwitz, Professor of Economics at St. Lawrence University in New York, about becoming a great teacher.  Steve talks about his own evolution as an economics professor and shares tips highly useful for new and experienced teachers alike. For your reference, the two books Steve mentions in the conversation are:


Finkel, Donald L. 2000. Teaching with your mouth shut. Boynton/Cook Publishers, March.   


Garnett, Robert F. 2008. Hayek and liberal pedagogy. The Review of Austrian Economics 22, no. 4 (9): 315-331.


Also, don’t adjust your dial! The phone connection for this podcast was a little scratchy.  The conversation remains understandable throughout, however, and Dr. Horwitz’s insights are well worth it.

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