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Jeanne Hoffman interviews Dr. Phil Magness about being an adjunct professor and how to get the most out of this often denigrated experience.  Dr. Magness is an adjunct professor at American University, where he teaches Public Administration, and Research Coordinator at the Institute for Humane Studies.

Jeanne Hoffman talks with Brad Birzer about his career, his involvement with IHS and teaching at a small liberal arts college.  Dr. Birzer is the Russell Amus Kirk Chair in American Studies at Hillsdale College, a fellow at the McConnell Center at the University of Louisville, and a senior fellow at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute

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Jeanne Hoffman talks with Dr. Nikolai Wenzel, the Wallace and Marion Reemelin Chair in Free-Market Economics and an assistant professor of economics at Hillsdale College, about time management and setting priorities in grad school.

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Jeanne Hoffman talks to Josh Blackman about using social media effectively as an academic.  Blackman is a law clerk for the Honorable Kim R. Gibson, US District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, a teaching fellow at Pennsylvania State University Dickenson School of Law, and President of the Harlan Institute

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