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IHS Program Officer Jeanne Hoffman talks with Mike Munger about dissertation writing and setting a research agenda. Dr. Munger is a professor at Duke University in the political science and economics department and the school of public policy as well as a director of the joint UNC-Duke Philosophy, Politics and Economics program.


This interview is based on Dr. Munger's essay, "Writing Your Dissertation and Creating Your Research Agenda" which was originally written for IHS’s guide for graduate students Scaling the Ivory Tower.

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In this KosmosOnline podcast, Jeanne Hoffman interviews Robert Shibley, Senior Vice President at FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, about the state of free speech on campus, current cases and what students and professors can do to promote freer speech.

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In this KosmosOnline Podcast, Jeanne Hoffman talks with Dr. Bill Glod about his paper, "Conditional Preferences and Refusal of Treatment," recently published in HEC Forum. 



In this essay, I will use a minimalist standard of decision-making capacity (DMC) to ascertain two cases in the medical ethics literature: the 1978 case of Mary C. Northern and a more recent case involving a paranoid war veteran (call him Jack). In both cases the patients refuse medical treatment out of denial that they are genuinely ill. I believe these cases illustrate two matters: (1) the need of holding oneself to a minimal DMC standard so as to make as salient as possible the patient's own reasons for sometimes unusual treatment denials; (2) the need for clinicians and other relevant parties to exercise great sensitivity toward engaging, on the patient's own terms, idiosyncratic treatment refusals through regard for what I will call the patient’s conditional preferences. These are particularly relevant matters when a patient’s DMC is questionable yet he/she registers what may well be his/her settled preferences

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Jeanne Hoffman talks with Dr. Bill Glod and Dr. Phil Magness about some wacky academics from history. Dr. Glod profiles J.J. Smart, a philosopher who denied the existence of time and took great delight in "outsmarting" his critics, while Dr. Magness shines the light on our national skeleton in the closet - drunken founding father Luther Martin.

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IHS Program Officer Chris Martin interviews Tom Bell about the Socratic Method. Bell also talks about other teaching techniques, such as the Present and Prepared way of counting class participation, the best order in which to call on students, and a handy tip on grading papers.  Tom Bell is a law professor at Chapman University. He specializes in high-tech legal issues and has written a variety of papers on intellectual property and internet law.

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