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Historian Kevin Gutzman talks about his most recent book, James Madison and the Making of America.

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George Mason University Economist and Philosopher Erik Angner talks about behavorial economics.

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Historian and cultural critic Thaddeus Russell talks about his book - A Renengade History of the United States. www.kosmosonline.org

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IHS Program officer Phil Magness interviews Towson University Economics Professor Howard Baetjer Jr about this latest book - Free our Markets: A Citizens' Guide to Essential Economics. www.kosmosonline.org.

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Dr. Phil Magness interviews Kevin Currie-Knight on the topic of his dissertation - dealing specifically with the thoughts and prescriptions of prominent 20th century market libertarians for education policy, featuring among others Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand, and Murray Rothbard. Kevin is a fourth year PhD student at the University of Delaware, and a graduate assistant at the UD Center for Assessment of Teaching and Learning, assisting graduate students and faculty with developing and maintaining e-portfolios.

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In this Kosmos Online Podcast, IHS Philosophy Program Officer Bill Glod interviews Glen Whitman of California Statue University, Northridge and www.agoraphilia.blogspot.com. They discuss Dr. Whitman's current work on "nudge," otherwise known as "libertarian" or "new paternalism" within the broader scope of behavorial economics and the implications of these trends for liberty. 

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